2077: writings of Father James

Father James is a character from 2077: Knights of Peace. The following reflections and ideas are not included in the novel.  Book Q&A.

Father James is a character from the novel 2077: Knights of Peace

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Travelling between Earth and the monastery on Mars I feel especially close to the Almighty God.

Why should this be? The environment of space is materially sterile as are all the stars within it. I get a similar but less intense feeling when I look at the Moon while standing in open country on Earth. Yet the Moon is a barren ball of rock, totally lifeless.

I look upon the Moon as part of God's creation illuminated by the Sun, the source of life's energy, to reveal its beauty to creatures that can experience it. The fact that it looks the same size in the sky gives a sense of everything being set up by a deity for some purpose. (As some cadets have pointed out during Enlightenment, the very existence of life on earth depends on the moon-earth system being exactly as it is. Praise the Lord.) 

 The ancients thought the Moon, planets and stars had something to do with God, and they were right. Today we understand the schemes and mechanisms by which they shine and are formed; we know how to describe them and even predict their movements and their critical role in allowing life on our planet; but why they should be there we can only wonder.

The panorama I get from the Confucius viewing port starkly places before me the celestial drama and omnipotence of the godhead. In the latter part the 20th and in the early 21st century many thought the very size and complexity of the universe earth showed we were of no significance in the scheme of things, that our planet was a pointless fluke in a meaningless universe, a mere grain of sand in the desert. Now we know that humanity is the whole point of God's creation. The home He has made for us, this Garden of Eden oasis, is uniquely beautiful, richly alive, wondrously intricate and fuitful beyond understanding. To create it he needed to create a universe. The universe, from flower to Milky Way, is made for us and is needed for our existence.

To quote from the introductory text used in the Enlightenment programme for both cadet Knights and dominophiles:

 Had the universe not been exactly this massive - to the weight of a coin - during its early expansion stage, had its initial degree of disorder not been exactly as it was, had the laws of physics been slightly different, the physical constants wrong by a hair's breadth, had not the celestial events leading to the earth's formation been orchestrated as they were and had life not been designed as it is, then humanity's origin and history could not have occurred. For this we must thank the Lord.

Technology, through the Grace of Our Lord, allows us not only to observe but to visit and experience other planets. It also allows us to delve further into the secrets of physics, life and the universe. By the creativity within us,being made in God's image, we invent new technology. As we do so, and stay humble, our faith in his benevolence strengthens, our wonderment at his majesty magnifies, our joy in the unfolding  dimensions of being is intensified, our praise of Him grows and we are eternally thankful to have this bountiful, beautiful planet to return to after experiencing the stark but faith affirming beauty of the worlds beyond.

Glory be to God the Father. Lord have mercy, Christ have mercy.

Free will,  God’s cosmic river and restorative justice

Image result for pen and paperWe have freedom as individuals to choose between the way of the world and the way of Christ. This will determine our eternal destiny as individuals but it will also affect God’s plan for humanity, or rather the form of the plan, since the endpoint – a New Heaven and a New Earth – remains unaltered in God’s mind, because in that realm God’s love will be fully expressed.

I know this as a matter of faith after my epiphany; but when visiting Sister Agatha of Grasmere to meet a new intake of Knights for Enlightenment I voiced my puzzlement at how this unalterable goal could be reconciled with our free will. She said it was helpful to picture the flow of history at all levels from the parochial to the cosmic, from the individual to the nation to the human race en masse, as a river heading for the ocean. Diverse patterns and disturbances within the river of life’s events, all resulting from free decisions to do or not to do God’s will,  can then be pictured as swirls, eddies, rapids and  floating debris , moving sometimes with,  sometimes across and sometimes against the current.  These disturbances to the flow are the causes of suffering  – war, disease, accidents, natural disasters, economic or social collap
se. In the end the heavenly goal is reached. How we react, endure or overcome our suffering determines the place in the heavenly realm that Jesus Christ is preparing for us.

Nevertheless, people and groups of people do have to suffer in their lives. God only rescues us when the course of events allows this and rescuing us does not totally throw the river off course and never able to reach the end point. Do we encounter pain and tragedy because of our own sin? Sometimes, but often it is because of someone else’s, even when the sinner is geographically far away or no longer alive.  Not as  a deliberate punishment by the Lord but because that is the way reality works.  It is why sin, which starts as a thought, is forbidden by our loving creator. But Christ’s restorative justice rescues both the sinner and the sinned against, either in this life or in the eternal realm of limitless love. 
Perhaps that is the meaning of the parable of the Prodigal Son. 

This restorative justice is open to all who empty themselves of pride so that they can receive God’s love. If someone damages you because of their greed or malice there is no need to seek retribution or ask God to punish them. They will either at some point open themselves to  redemption (inner change) and receive God’s love, or they will reject it before physical death and so sentence themselves to eternity in the company of other unrepentant sinners, which is hell, in a sense by definition. Either way, if you submit to Christ you also will be immersed in God’s love. So do not grieve at the sinner’s reward as did the elder brother of the prodigal son when his father rejoiced as the son returned, in humility, to his father after a life of sin.

Our destiny in space

Last night I looked out over the Grasmere lake to see the crescent  Moon descending in the west. Suddenly a startling thought came into my mind. What initiated this thought only God knows but from my humble human vantage point it had something to do with the perception of the shadow clad sphere over which the sunlit crescent was advancing. It brought to mind one of the myriad juxtaposed circumstances that have allowed not only life but advanced civilization to emerge at  this time and place in the cosmos: the size, mass, position and trajectory of the Moon had to be exactly engineered.  The fortuity of such teleologically arranged circumstances is now common knowledge and firmly accepted as evidence for a Creator.

This brought to mind a fortuitous  combination of truths I had not previously registered and which lead me to a firm conclusion that humanity is destined to explore the universe. It actually shocked me into believing this at a deep visceral level.

The rapid advance in space exploration this 21st century has been due to a number of technologies coming to a head and combining to enable not only manned flight throughout the solar system but the setting up of colonies on the Moon and Mars. The unique life enabling properties of water had been pointed out to me by my scientist friends but what had not clicked in my mind was that if water had not been present on the Moon in large quantities further exploration would have come to a standstill. Not only did it enable biological life to be sustained beyond the biosphere it allowed us to manufacture rocket fuel that did not need to be carried into space against the pull of the Earth’s gravity, so much stronger than the Moon’s.  The rocket fuel comes, I understand, from the hydrogen and oxygen, the constituent elements of water.
Lagrange point L2, another gift from God in our quest
Looking at the Moon also reminds me that this stable celestial companion, placed and modelled to be kind to life on Earth through the Grace of Our Lord, also  provides a stable point in space 1 million km beyond the dark side. (It is apparently known as Lagrange point L2.)  In this position  equipment, vehicles , manufacturing stations and habitation modules can be brought together without drifting apart due to the destabilizing gravitational forces which normally pervade space near planets.

So God provided the materials and the gravitationally stable environment  to enable humans to explore the solar system in the first half of this 21st century. The Almighty also inspired advances in biotechnology, so that life friendly environments for long periods of survival in zero G could be realized. The reserves of water on the Moon, Mars, comets and meteors, allowed food to be grown in large quantities beyond the biosphere. Minerals and metals were also found  and this led to manufacturing at Lagrange point 2 and later at points 1 and 3. 

The sudden frenzy of exploration after 2020 led quickly to manned expeditions and expeditions through much of the solar system. Then God ordained the breakthroughs of the New Physics which has already yielded the dark energy drive and other advances enabling us to transport large payloads to Mars in only a few weeks instead of six months or more.

Who knows where the Lord will lead us next? I pray for our wisdom and humility in Christ as we follow our Creator into the unknown.

Can sin cause earthquakes?

Before my epiphany  one of the stumbling blocks to belief was the unjust suffering caused by earthquakes, volcanoes, storms and floods. (I had not grasped that without God the very concept of injustice was meaningless.)

How could sin have anything to do with destructive natural events affecting human settlements? In some cases the suffering flows from sin quite obviously e.g. building a town next to a volcano which historical records or oral tradition show erupts occasionally – building it from  motives of greed, taking advantage of human desperation for homes and profiting from short term property transactions. 

But could sin actually cause an earthquake, or volcano,  rather than just cause a town to be built in a dangerous position? My friend Aaalim showed me a scenario on the Sin Simulator which started with fraudulent property transactions  and ended in a serious earthquake. The initial fraud led to mistrust and collapse of the financial system which in turn led to a dictatorship which led to revolution which led to unfettered free market industrial growth  which led to irresponsible carbon and methane emissions which led to rapid global warming which led to melting of Antarctic glaciers which led to reduced weight of ice bearing down on the Antarctic crust  and increased weight of water nearer to the equator exerting differential stress on the crust which affected the mantle and lava below which led to a geological fault zone giving way near a human settlement, i.e. an earthquake. 

So I can well understand how sinful actions can have bad unexpected consequences remote from where the sin takes place. (Initally it is in the sinner’s soul which manifests as a thought in his or her mind).  I can also imagine how unexpectedly good consequences could, through God's grace, result indirectly from morally bad decisions. The Sin Simulator is showing us how human activity can have unexpected results far distant from the source but the balance always seems to be that, overwhelmingly, evil results from evil and that future evil events set off other chains of events leading to a multiplication of evil. (God's graceful intervention cannot of course be simulated!) Not just via extreme natural events but in wars and social upheaval and spread of disease over generations. 

Looking at the Holy Bible we are warned of sin cycles through history. The Sin Simulator merely illustrates how such cycles work, just as the metaphorical models of science, like  the law of gravity,  show how God brings about natural events, except where more direct interventions are made.

Conversely, and unfortunately more rarely, morally good actions occur and these have predominantly good results. But ‘good’ must be inspired by the Lord’s Truth, not just human sentiment, often bound up with pride, where people wish to be deemed ‘good’ by their contemporaries. 

It seems clear to me that sin incurs  a cost, both individually and as nations, and that a high price would have  to be paid by present and future generations in ways beyond imagining. Somehow, when God became incarnate in man  and was resurrected bodily after death on the Cross he was able through the Holy Trinity  to take away our sins and their consequences providing we entered a new state of being by eclipsing our pridefulness, often very subtle, and submitting ourselves to Christ the Redeemer and Restorer. In this new state we would be freed of guilt for past sins, less inclined to commit more sins and guaranteed eternal life, so that even if we still sin on earth we have eternal life in heaven to look forward to. However, our place in heaven is determined by our actions and thoughts in this life. 

Heaven is open to all who believe in and have faith in Christ. A gift of grace indeed. What the consequences of refusing it are I am not sure, nor is anyone. Presumably some state between eternal torment and complete oblivion. God is infinitely merciful so perhaps there is hope for some non-believers not too full of pride. 

The Sin Simulator shows what happens at a certain level but in fact it would not surprise me if cause-effect chains occur throughout the universe,  in ways beyond human imagining.  I understand from my scientist friends that elementary particles can instantaneously interact even when on opposite sides of the universe and at different points in time. The future could even affect the past, reflecting the abode of our Creator beyond time and space, in a realm transcending our perception of cause-effect.

Lord grant me  humility in these speculations. 

An imperfect world in God’s perfect economy

Hermit Sages conducting Enlightenment programmes often find themselves learning from students. While visiting Sister Agatha in Grasmere she told me how in talking informally to Roscoe Finley after completing  a dialogue with  the  Sin Simulator that she had learned something about  God’s economy which removed any remaining puzzlement about why God did not make the world a better place. 

She and I, like all of us in the Monastery of Divine Light, already knew there had to be suffering in order to permit free will and spiritual refinement. Most suffering resulted from human sins of commission or omission, either by the victim or others, past or present;  but some was due to natural disasters beyond our  control, except that in many cases human sin had conspired with natural causes, such as when centres of habitation were built close to earthquake fault lines or volcanoes to extract valuable minerals out of greed rather than necessity. Meteor strikes were an obvious examples of natural  evil causing suffering when they struck innocent people.

My faith is based not on reason (although reason supports it) but on the experience of the living God, in my case a revelation in Switzerland. I was blessed to have this sudden revelation (See chapter 7, the Aquatheatre,  of 2077:Knights of Peace. Ed.): many acquire faith more gradually.  

It is nevertheless pleasurable to learn about aspects of God’s creation which answer puzzling questions about how God might be working; and what Sister Agatha explained to me as we walked along the fell path above the Grasmere lake made it doubly clear  that Our Lord could not have made our space-time- energy world perfect  because, as Roscoe had explained, the equations (whatever they are) describing its origin in the Big Bang require asymmetry. Isla, as a mathematician, confirmed this. Without asymmetry all matter would have extinguished itself instantaneously by combining with antimatter.  It was a  choice between an asymmetric universe, with order and chaos in balance, or no universe at all. Perfection is a meaningless concept within such a world. It was not an option for God.

Interestingly, the idea of perfection has formed and persisted through history in our strife-torn world. This I find satisfying. It could only have come from Our Lord who lives outside of our space-time-energy world and it is here, in the heavenly realm of infinite love, that God exists and from here that the Creator dispenses restorative justice as our souls pass from earthly, biological life into eternity. 

But why create a universe at all – one yielding conscious beings in the Lord’s image? Why something rather than nothing? Sister Agatha and I had no doubt. God the Father is a creative being that needs children to love, because to love is the nature of God.

The Outward Urge
On my return from a visit to  the wonderful Kuala Lumpur Museum of the Future I was struck by the amount of historical evidence for the Flood and the dispersion of humanity after the building of the Tower of Babel  on the alluvial plains of the Euphrates. This was expertly summarized and presented in one exhibit as background for the portrayal of a possible future of humankind in God’s scheme. 

On my frequent trips on the Confucius to the monastery on Mars I have wondered myself about why humankind seems inborn  or implanted with an ‘outward urge’ to explore the universe, physically or intellectually. I came across this expression as the title of a book by that name, written by a 20th century SciFi Prophet,  John  Wyndham.  It refers to a common idea, particularly among science fiction writers, which took hold at that time, that since the first civilizations people had sought out new lands and that it was only natural that we should continue this as technology took us into the space age.

I now see this in a fuller perspective, as a result of my visit.

 There is now no doubting the reality of a greater realm : the deceptive materialism that came to a peak in the mid-20th century has since given way to awareness of this as a simplification of a greater existence comprising only energy and spirituality, from which our universe emerged by the Lord’s design, as shown by the extraordinary optical art of King’s College chapel and, indeed,  of the Petronas Towers which also so impressed me during my time at  Kuala Lumpur. 

From this wider  and deeper viewpoint  I can see an emerging parallel between our relentless excursions into the solar system and the dispersion of humankind after the Tower of Babel, at a time when humanity had recovered from the Flood and was speaking just one language.  Like us humankind had become too proud and felt ready to do anything it wished with the knowledge it had gained.  It was then ordained that they would limit themselves by dispersing over the face of the earth and going their separate ways, diverging into numerous languages and cultures.

 Then English was destined to become  the world language over the last few hundred years, while international peer reviewed research in Christendom since the 17th century grew so fast that knowledge  and technology soon took us to where we are today. Having recovered from the devastation of two World Wars  our knowledge of the material world continues to grow exponentially, as though destined for a discontinuity. Now God needs to limit us by interplanetary, perhaps interstellar, dispersal into myriad colonies. (I learned via my cyber scholar that SciFi Prophet Isaac Asimov envisaged this in one of his works of fiction about the same time as John Wyndham .)

Who knows where this might lead? Our Creator’s ways are diverse and inscrutable, surpassing all understanding – particularly in prophecy, as they must necessarily be.  But from the rational analysis of the scriptures the  Museum of the Future at least casts an interesting perspective on how things might unfold. What Christ conveyed in my vision was one of overwhelming and unquenchable love which restores us to be united with God at the end of time unless we actively and knowingly choose to reject and scorn  him. And this is all that matters in the end.

The endless search

Lord, why do I constantly seek to understand your ways, knowing that I will never reach a destination? Even before my epiphany, as I witnessed the risen Christ,  a godless celebrity publicly questioning God, I was seeking but never finding. You made me this  way. So perhaps, if not certainly, the search continues after physical death. In this world I am subject to trials, including unfulfilled searching, but in the heavenly kingdom , because of my preparation, the unending quest continues in some blissful way.

Justice and love

After the Enlightenment of Roscoe and  his return from the Ovoskotia mission he spent some weeks in retreat on Holy Island, formerly known as Lindisfarne. While there he continued to write with a pen in his journal.  His training in philosophy has been to good avail and given him a clarity of thought which could help knights, dominophiles, pilgrims  and anyone going through the Enlightenment process. 

I thank you Lord for revealing to me your Truth after my final Baroqo tour. That showing of  Christ to me in Switzerland will be forever with me. Nevertheless, it is good to have  Roscoe’s  discourse to hand when dealing with those who in their admirable thirst for logically derived truth are blocking the work of the Divine Light on their soul as it attempts to free them for union with the triune source of being through the Holy Spirit. Here is a slightly modified version of what he had written . 

Since the dawn of humanity there has been a universal sense  of justice. It has been embedded in us by the Creator.  Genesis tells us that all males and females are made in the image of God. Therefore God must have a sense of divine justice. 

But what is justice? It is a feeling that  goodness must be rewarded and badness punished.  We feel right when this happens and, deep down disturbed or indignant when it does not, even if we ourselves seem to be rewarded unjustly for acts not worthy of reward. We feel guilt. Does God feel guilt? No. Does he want us to feel guilt forever? No. Does he want us to go on sinning? No. So how does he stop us wanting to sin? He initially allows a divinely embedded sense of guilt to govern us and a fear that our sin will lead to divine punishment. Hence the various ideas of  hell that have been imagined by the ancients as a way of achieving justice.

Then God is made incarnate in  humanity through Christ and the Holy Spirit descends first on him and later, at the Pentecost,  on all the human race. He rescues us by conquering sin and fear and the inner need to sacrifice animals. How?  By letting humanity crucify him and by raising him from the dead, a phenomenon  witnessed by over 500 followers, to show, to prove,  God’s infinite, eternal love and give us hope. The acceptance of this love requires us to submit to God, to renounce worldly values, banish inward pride. There is no other way it can work. Submitting to the Lord  gives us eternal life which continues after biological death but starts at once and gives us spiritual sustenance and the assurance that whatever suffering we encounter all will end well in God’s eternal economy.

What happens if we don’t accept it? One can only speculate but it would seem wise to regard this as a disincentive for carrying on as normal. At best it would be an existence devoid of God’s love brought about by one’s own free decision and there would be no God to deliver us from evil. Seeking Christ is the only rational course for eternal life.

 I can testify to whoever should read this  that in the revelation  of Christ, the visible image of the invisible God,  I saw no trace of vengeance or meanness. Only limitless loving kindness. If there is suffering in the afterlife for those who reject Christ it is not God's wish but a result of the reality which God brought into being. He could of course have made all life more pleasant at  all stages, an eternal party,  but to make it meaningful and satisfying with free will at a deep level he had to do it the way he has. He had to put us through a trial and in battle against evil so that we could reach the highest spiritual level at the end of days. 

And because of our Savior, providing we have faith,  all in the end will be harvest, whatever misfortune comes our way.

Unchastity, anger, greed, drunkenness, and all that, are mere fleabites in comparison....Pride leads to every other vice: it is the complete anti-God state of mind..... Pride gets no pleasure out of having something, only out of having more of it than the next man.
C.S.Lewis (c.1950)

When candidates arrive for Enlightenment they often start with sin simulation software to demonstrate the ripple effect - how the effect of one bad action, no matter how minor, can ripple through all humankind, both present and future. In fact later, after being taught quantum entanglement and multidimensional theology they discover that in God's economy even the past can be affected. 

Some states of mind and actions are obvious examples of sin, such as greed or malicious taunting for pleasure or exploitation of the vulnerable. But my experience is that some find it difficult to understand why pride is such a big problem.

They need to ask themselves this question. Given that I am not a just an unimaginably complex machine magically thrown together by random events in a chance universe, who made me? My parents? No, they did not manipulate the DNA and the myriad biomolecular  events of guided evolution which engineered their birth. Did the person make themselves? No. What made them was the Creator of everything. So pride in yourself, or even your offspring,  is based on the illusion that you owe nothing to anybody, even God. It is a denial of the gifts God has given you. Even parents have no right to be proud of their children, although when they claim this they often just mean they rejoice in them as God-given gifts. 

Pride, it seems, gets in the way of truth and this causes problems everywhere. All human affairs depend on being in contact with reality. It is particularly obvious in science. If a scientist is proud of a theory he has published he will not let go of it , even if it is shown to be fallacious. Or rather he will hang on to it until his pride is at risk from ridicule, which could cause an even stronger attack on his pride. This can be a painful process. Humility would avoid it and truth would be reached more quickly. 

It has also been a problem in religion. Some priests and pastors become too attached to a particular interpretation of scripture and they identify with it, rather like the proud scientist, instead of continuing the spiritual dynamic of searching for truth in a state of humility. Thankfully, following my epiphany in Switzerland such truth-blocking pride has become much less prevalent in me at least.

Since we have become an interplanetary species it appears that even  some who claim not to believe in a Creator feel humility before the wonder of the universe and the natural world of our planet Earth.  Such people do of course have faith in the god of chance. Perhaps their humility is founded on the idea that they are nothing special, just specks in a cosmic infinitude, for which no self-existing first cause is responsible.  They just are, the universe just is.  Yet as a believer I do feel special because God loves each one of us  and wants us to be aware that we are uniquely valued, able  to enjoy both the natural realm and the heavenly one  of Eternal Life.

So while me and my non-believing friend can share a feeling of humility before the stars  and wonders of creation it is not possible for him to  enjoy an awareness of God’s love and a feeling of shared ownership conferred by the Lord on God’s children.

 Freedom: a gift for good or evil

 I have deluded myself. Without doubt, it was necessary to free the oppressed masses. However, our methods resulted in other oppressions and gruesome massacres. You know I am deathly ill; I feel lost in an ocean of blood formed by countless victims. This was necessary to save our Russia, but it is too late to turn back. We would need ten Francis of Assisi.
Vladimir Lenin (1870-1924), close to his death.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions,
A proverb thought to have originated with Saint Bernard of Clairvaux , c.1150

Looking back on recent history it is apparent that the greatest evil  has resulted from people intending to do good but having the wrong spiritual foundation.  Witness, e.g., the French Revolution, the Great Leap Forward, Nazism, Leninism and Stalinism. 

From the quotation above it is interesting that Lenin recognized the intrinsic goodness of our great Christian saint. Perhaps in his last hours he had finally allowed entry to the Holy Spirit.

 As humans fight for causes, even good causes, without humility, that is without awareness that ultimately all depends on the  Creator of all, they are divorced from reality.  People who are not in tune with the everyday world around them are deemed mentally ill, so it is not surprising that when nations or movements are not in tune with the greater reality of the Creator’s realm the results are always tragic unless their plans are destined to coincide with God’s  at  that point in space and time.   

In this 21st century the idealistic pursuit of freedom has been the cause of much suffering.  Freedom is a gift from God, like equality and tolerance.  But liberty derives from free will and is not good or bad in itself.  In a godless society it permits rape, murder, persecution and all forms of evil. So to fight for this as a human invention is dangerous indeed. Freedom is only morally meaningful if grounded in the source of love, our Lord Jesus Christ.

During Enlightenment some Cadet Knights ask for a recent example of a godless obsession with freedom.  Before my epiphany in Switzerland  I was fixated on a godless freedom for all and this resulted in legislation which empowered cults like the Servants of the Seven Seals,  run by a dominophile, Pastor Wayne (who is himself perhaps  worse than godless in having a warped view of God). He wants secure encrypted  software on a global scale and has to be stopped. This means developing a new tier of decryption software which must be an order of magnitude more powerful than the encrypting technology used by the SSS  and based on what Isla tells me is called 'quantum computing'.  Moreover this must remain exclusively under the control of the World Federation – there must be no freedom to use this outside the WF. Such freedom would deny all freedom to  most of the human race. Mercifully, it looks as though the present legislation permitting this , which I campaigned for in my self righteousness before the epiphany, will be overturned.

It is possible to enforce this stricture now only because there is sufficient trust in the world grounded in God , trust that the new strictures on the very liberty I fought for as a baroque rock ‘star’ are built on a godly foundation. 

Ironically, V.I.Lenin did not have a fanatical love of freedom. In fact he positively regarded it as harmful to the realization of a communist society, a godless utopia. Had his mission not been godless he would have been right in not insisting on, or even allowing freedom until human nature could be trusted to use it. Unfortunately, without the Resurrected Christ such a spiritual state of trust-based freedom could never be.

All is harvest for those in Christ

How can the omniscient omnipotent God of Creation complain if we do not do the right thing? He made us as we are. A common question during Enlightenment. 
God does not complain but laments the consequences of sin, either to the one sinning or to others. If we are in Christ we are the Father’s child and although there may be consequences we don’t like we can rest assured that ultimately all will be put right, either here or in a New Heaven and New Earth which will replace the present ones at the end of time.

What about those who have truly rejected Christ? They will suffer in some way the result of evil, even when they have been imbued with a sense of right and wrong
Is this not unfair? 

No. They have a choice. 

Suppose they have not heard of Christ?

Because of the Resurrection the Holy Spirit is available to all people of all cultures and religions and there will be individuals who adopt Christ in spirit without knowing his name in human terms. This could even include those in a Christian culture who have been misled by dominophiles and manipulators such that the truth of Jesus Christ has been defiled or distorted; but the Spirit reaches them and they try to do the right thing by God, which is to obey Christ's command – to love their neighbour and love God the Father. They are in Christ. They are saved and although at a worldly level they don't know it they are in Christ. 

This is not to say doing good works according to their implanted conscience is enough. There has to be a genuine humility and innocent deference to a benevolent higher power which is in fact Christ, even when stifled by an actively Christ-hostile culture that grotesquely separates his essence from his name.

One of the greatest stumbling blocks encountered during Enlightenment, whether it be of Cadet Knights or dominophiles or trainee Hermit Sages, is the reconciliation of the Creator’s omnipotence and omniscience with the self determination of the humans he created. God foreknows every decision we make and will make  in all conceivable circumstances. He made us before time. How, then, can we have free will? 

I  find it best to answer in this way. 

God knows every thought, photon, atom and fibre of your mind, body and soul that comes into play when you make a decision. But to you, a finite being, trapped in time and space,  it is a free decision. From your perspective you are choosing between two actions, even if you are not in Christ. It is a way of saying that Christ loves you and knows you in every possible way more than you know yourself. 

If you are in Christ you will make your decision with humility and in the assurance that you and all those who live in Christ will ultimately be saved from evil (i.e. the consequences of sin, whether yours or those of others ) and brought into the glory of the Lord. You are set free and saved by the grace of God, in this world or in eternity or in both. You are loved because by expelling your egotistical self and accepting Christ it is now possible for God to love you.

Regarding the free will paradox I find it helps to give them an analogy. 

If you know someone very well you will know how they will react in certain situations  but that does not mean they are not making a free decision. A mother, for example, knows that in normal circumstances her daughter prefers apples to oranges. When she is given the choice she nevertheless freely chooses apples.

The Cosmic Christ

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God; all things were made through him, and without him was not anything made that was made. In him was life, and the life was the light of men. The light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it. John 1:1-5

Christ is the visible image of the invisible God. He existed before anything was created and is supreme over all creation, for through him God created everything in the heavenly realms and on earth. He made the things we can see And the things we can’t see...  Colosssians 1:15

I want them to be encouraged and knit together by strong ties of love. I want them to have complete confidence  they understand God's mysterious plan, which is Christ himself. In him lie hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. Colossians 2:2-3

Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. And we all, with unveiled face, beholding the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from one degree of glory to another. For this comes from the Lord who is the Spirit. 2 Corinthians 3 vs 17-18c

He also says to the Son,
'In the beginning, Lord, you laid the foundations of the earth
and made the heavens with your hands.
They will perish, but you remain forever...'  Hebrews 1:10

Living in Christ

Gently swells the silent sea
Breaking waves on shingle beach
God is here within my reach
Love alone his great decree

I in Christ and Christ in me
After the Divine Light it is so much easier to live in Christ and to let Christ live in us, so that we are truly transformed and filled with the Holy Spirit, of which the Divine Light is itself a manifestation. The revival of the prayer and meditation techniques used by the early Christians and which had something in common with those of Hinduism, Buddhism and Sufi Islam, enable us to empty ourselves and be filled more fully with the Spirit. This gives us the power to be our true selves in Christ, not just our egotistical shadow selves. It allows the last to be first, the first to be last. It enables us to love God more fully without the ego getting in the way and to be more effective in the world than when reality is clouded by our ego.

The ephemeral stage on which we live

How can God, who is immaterial, make anything happen in the solid world around us?

The showing of Christ in Switzerland totally overcame this barrier to belief in a supernatural way but since then I have realized that it was my lack of understanding of the world around me that had prevented me accepting the reality of God. The answer is quite simple. The world itself  and the mortal beings within it are immaterial. Had I been a scientist rather than a musician I would have realized that there was no  matter, it is all space and energy contrived by Our Lord to give the experience of solidity and create conscious beings that can live and have experience in this ethereal state we call the real world. 

It is all very strange but the strangeness is here, in the world we observe and examine by science, not just in the heavenly realm.

What we call a particle, such as an electron, is really a bundle of energy subject to the mathematical equations of quantum mechanics. Even before this was realized physicists had proved that atoms were virtually all empty space. Now we know that each particle within an atom – the protons, neutrons and electrons, each made up of quarks - is itself just a configuration of energy. 

Isla  yesterday explained to me how the laws of quantum mechanics allow natural processes like bird migration and photosynthesis in ways that were totally unknown until the beginning of this century. She mentioned quantum entanglement and her own speciality, quantum computing, and how the hitherto explicable workings of nature could now be understood at a deeper level by invoking these phenomena. Even large scale phenomena such as the motions of planets in the last analysis emanate from the Creator’s realm through the medium of the quantum world. The laws of gravitation determine their orbits and these laws obviously come from  God;  but the size and mass of a planet and the star around which it travels also determine the gravity between them. And the size and mass of a planet or star depends on the collective behaviour of the constituent atoms which in turn are a function of quantum influences interacting with the heavenly realm of the Supreme Being.

How this interaction between the quantum and heavenly realms occur must remain a mystery but it is much easier to accept than the old idea of a projectile being willed through space by the mind of God. And I must not forget God’s primary purpose is not just to make a universe but to give spiritual beings a human experience within it. Consciousness, love, truth, beauty and justice are the real things – nature is just secondary, like the stage in a play about good against evil.

A very beautiful stage, nevertheless, and it was obviously designed to be so. 


C.S.Lewis to the rescue

Many students undergoing Enlightenment are troubled by having heard conflicting theological models of what it means to say that ‘Christ’s death has put us right with God and given us a fresh start ‘ This quote was discovered by my cyber scholar in a book by C.S.Lewis called Mere Christianity(1952). He points out something which I wish I had realized after my vision of Christ because there was a period of confusion as leaders of various denominations tried to convince me that their particular theology was the right one to explain this basic fact of reality which Jesus had revealed to me.

 Intuitively, I already knew from this epiphany that Lewis was right in saying that one just has to accept that Christ had put us right with God, just as one accepts unprovable, inexplicable mysteries of science, such as the simultaneous occurrence of a particle in numerous quantum states or the emergence of space-time-energy from absolute nothingness. It may help you to adopt one model, as it helps scientists to adopt one of dozens of competing empirically unprovable models to ‘explain’ or picture the equations of quantum mechanics and the Big Bang singularity.

Thank the Lord for C.S.Lewis. I must ensure he is on my students’ reading list.

Holy Communion

Returning from a retreat in the Valles Marines monastery I suddenly knew the cosmic significance of the Resurrection.

 Seeing our pristine sphere enfilmed in air, water , verdant desert and rich flora, suspended by God and held together in the limitless energy-filled vacuum,  made me starkly aware that our planet is truly alive. Every particle, every organism interacted in some way with all particles, all organisms. I also felt the deep awareness that this interaction  was not confined to the biosphere. It was truly universal and even extended to the past and the future. Isla had told me that this began to dawn on physicists at the turn of the 21st century as they came to terms with the experimental observation of ‘quantum entanglement’ as she called it and made further discoveries in high energy physics. 

Having been blessed with the vision of Christ while on my last tour with the Baroqo band and having spent a lot of time in prayer, meditation and contemplation after the showing I was intuitively aware of the interconnectedness of all Creation but after travelling through interplanetary space and learning something of modern physics I perceived this even more deeply.

Looking through a viewing port of the Confucius at the night side of the globe I could see the lights of Jerusalem. This made me think about the Resurrection. What an extraordinary impact this must have had – not only on all human beings but on the whole of Creation! I pictured the film of the biosphere metaphorically changing colour at the moment of the Resurrection. God had entered into history on a mission of love and  transformation of the beings he had  created in his image, giving them hope even in the depths of despair. Now, all humans can know God at a deep level if they can only submit to Christ our Lord and receive His grace.

 So generous is God that some who did not know Christ by name had received the guidance of the Holy Spirit, though few today can fail to know his name except those who hear it but are so wedded to scientism that they cannot bring themselves to regard anything which cannot be investigated  by science as more than an illusion. This despite scientific evidence and logic showing that science is restricted to one aspect of a greater reality. It is this dimensionless super-reality in which even the unbeliever's sense of right and wrong is rooted.

Thank God there is a wideness to God’s mercy.

What had not been obvious to me was how the weight of sin could have been lifted by the Resurrection. I had not understood that sin is real, like gravity, not measurable but neither is it just a vague notion. Nowadays we are all aware that the universe around us is merely an ephemeral  stage on which the battle between good and evil is conducted. Sin is a real malignant entity in this battle. Christ’s sacrifice on the Cross really did lift the weight of sin from the shoulders of whoever submitted their ego to God through Christ.

It made vivid to me the great event that had saved all people of all races and religions, male and female from the dire effects of sin providing they submitted themselves to God by believing in his earthly Incarnation because the spiritual state of the believing person is guided irrevocably towards the spiritual state of our Lord. Even those prior to modern communications who had not been aware of Jesus and the Holy Spirit by name could know intuitively that it was right to obey the inward voice telling them to love one another, even enemies and to love God.  Christ’s sacrifice had affected the potential of every person

How long will you love delusions and seek false gods? Psalm 4:2 (NIV)
Recently one of the Knights drew my attention to this verse from Psalm 4 of the Holy Bible. It reveals the timeless recurrence of a delusional view of reality as the essential truth of the one transcendent God is denied or ignored. 

In the days of King David, when this Psalm was written,  there were many who denied the one God and worshipped idols and pagan gods, products of human imagination. In the first decades of the 21st century many in the western world fell into another period of widespread delusion as unscientifically derived models of existence based on faith in chance were widely espoused and followed by the gullible. A kind of paganism was rife then and the social chaos of that time is only too apparent from the holodoc files retrieved by my cyber scholar.

This, by the Grace of Our Lord, gave me the opportunity to stress to him just what it means to reject the reality of our Creator, as many did at that unfortunate time in human history – largely through misunderstanding of God’s nature and purpose, for which the church institutions of the time were partly responsible.  In many cases the rejection was totally illogical. Even if one does not ‘like’ God that is no argument for denying God’s existence. Denying reality must always have severe consequences.
What does it mean to deny the existence of God, the uncaused cause of all creation?  The only alternative is a reality without an ultimate cause, an infinite regression of cause-and-effect going back to eternity.

 Cadet Knight Roscoe tells me that  cosmology and the laws of thermodynamics have shown that the universe cannot be eternal and that this was understood even in the late 20th century. .

 In the days before the Big Bang discovery, in the first half of the 20th century, when much of the world thought that nature was eternal the followers of the Abrahamic faiths knew that our realm was created and that it would have an end. This proved to be correct in the light of modern cosmology. Eternity and infinity only have meaning outside of the material world, in the heavenly realm. 
Lord, we thank you for bringing us back to belief in your  truth and bathing us in the Divine Light through the Holy Spirit.

Another quote from Billy Graham

My cyber scholar has retrieved another quotation the great evangelist Billy Graham.  During the last few decades of the Soviet Union, where a godless view of reality was enforced for 70 years, Graham visited the government led by Brezhnev (ruling from 1964 to 1982). He also met church leaders, a few of which were  allowed even in this Atheist totalitarian state since it had been found quite impossible to wipe out Christianity entirely despite  brutal purges. 

At this time the Christian religion in the west also was in a sorry state, because in parts of America it had veered into the very legalism which Christ was sent to eradicate. Graham observed the command of Christ and behaved with respect  and humility towards the Soviet leader, i.e. he loved his enemy. This failed to meet the approval of western conservative church leaders at the time. They did not have the same love for one’s enemy as did Graham . They said he should have  reprimanded the Soviets for their human rights abuses and removal of religious liberty. He was accused by one of his critics of setting back the church by 50 years. 
His reply showed  the depth of his faith.  As he listened he lowered his head and replied:

 ‘I am deeply ashamed.  I have been trying to set the church back two thousand years.’  

He was referring to how the way of Jesus had been distorted over time by the institutional church and influenced by the excessive reductionism and scientism of the Enlightenment of 1600-2000 which preceded post modernism and today’s New Enlightenment following the epiphany of Our Lord given to me in the latter half of this century. 

Love and justice: the great reconciliation

Some Knights starting out on their New Enlightenment are needlessly troubled by the idea of an all loving God also being one who ‘punishes’ unbelievers with eternal damnation.  We in the MDL must send out a clearer message on this point.

The problem arises because of confusion over the words justice and punishment. God does indeed wish to bring about perfect justice within God’s creation but this does not mean actively inflicting eternal suffering on those who do evil. It simply means that the way God has set up reality, i.e. the ephemeral stage on which we spiritual beings play our parts and  have human experiences in the flesh, means that pride-filled beings who love sin and darkness are not able to receive the love, grace and mercy of Our Lord while in this world and also not able to gain the Eternal Life which continues beyond physical death.  This existence is the abode of those who love God and want to serve him in building a New Heaven and a New Earth where there is no place for the evil. There has to be separation of the good from the bad, the sheep from the goats, but the selection process is one of self selection since the good must go to the realm of the good but the bad must go to the regime of the bad where everyone is bad. There is, by definition, no other possibility. Even God cannot do the logically meaningless. It would like creating married bachelors.

What happens to those who do good in their earthly life but profess to be unbelievers? This is a question frequently asked by novices. However, these so-called unbelievers are often, at a deep level, being guided by God through the Holy Spirit. The Divine Light which is so much at work in the world today is in fact another name for one particular mode of the Spirit. However, those ‘do gooders’ whose hearts are black, i.e. who only do good to impress, cannot enter the kingdom of light. They would not fit. They might even prefer the company of the bad, although thinking about it I find this difficult to believe.

What troubles so many of us is how our in-built sense of justice is offended when good people suffer and bad people prosper in this life. Sister Agatha thinks this arises from a misconception about God’s economy. All we need is to have faith that ultimately, in the Lord’s eternal economy, all justice will be done.


In Genesis chapter 1 these words occurs repeatedly as the Creation methodically unfolds in stages:
…and God saw that it was good…

When a creative artist paints a picture the artist has in the mind’s eye an image that is waiting to be expressed, usually with much experiment and tuning.  When it is right the artist knows. So it could have been with the stages of God’s creation.  When it was right, then God, the master artist and designer, saw that it was good.  This process from our perspective looks like evolution.

Perhaps one of our Holy Imagineers could find a way of portraying this in a digital simulation.

Quoting Billy Graham

Some of the people coming forward for Enlightenment or to discuss their doubts or concerns about their belief in our loving creator do not appear to have heard of the evangelistic preacher Billy Graham who was active in the latter part of the 20th century and the early years of this one. Many who have heard of him are surprise to hear this quote which my cyber scholar extracted from a broadcast interview he had with a ‘televangelist’ in 1997.

The Apostle James in the first council in Jerusalem said that God’s purpose for this age is to call out a people for His name. And that’s what God is doing today. He’s calling people out of the world for His name, whether they come from the Muslim  world or the Buddhist world or the Christian world or the nonbelieving world, they are members of the Body of Christ, because they’ve been called by God. They may not even know in their hearts that they need something that they don’t have, and they turn to the only light they have and I think they are saved and that they are going to be with us in heaven. 

A little later in the interview he continues…

I’ve met people in various parts of the world in tribal situations who have never seen a Bible and never heard of Jesus, but they’ve tried to live a life that was quite apart from the surrounding community in which they lived.

The ‘light’ he refers to is in fact what today we call the Divine Light, a manifestation of the Holy Spirit which God made available following his Incarnation and Resurrection.

Enlightenment dialogue

I have found the following pattern of dialogue fruitful in taking Cadet Knights through Enlightenment. Most Hermit Sages use it for those who fall prey to pride and so try to judge God. (It has been my observation both before and after the vision during my last tour with Baroqo, that pride-filled non-believers, whether part of church institutions or not, are the most judgmental and unforgiving.)

Is there earthly punishment by the Lord for sin?

No, but it fills the Lord with wrath.

Are there earthly consequences for sin?

Yes, to the sinner, to the world, even to the natural order– past, present and future. The Enlightenment Game, which you may already have tried, shows this clearly.

Eternal consequences for sin?

Yes - if you refuse to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour.

Is this eternal punishment by God?

No, but it fills the Lord with wrath for those who deny Him. It is how things are. All those who prefer darkness to light select their own eternal destiny. They must be gathered together to a place of darkness, separately from those who prefer the light. We have the freedom to choose but it angers God when His  children make the wrong choice and sentence themselves to a destiny of darkness.

Is this hell?

Yes. Imagine a place where sin without regret or restraint is the norm.

Is it eternal?

We do not know. Perhaps those in the kingdom of darkness are given another chance to choose Christ.

But did not God choose to set up this scheme?

Yes, because only such a scheme could grant freedom of will. Without free will humans could not be in the image of their Creator. It is this freedom which gives humans the potential to choose to do God’s will. Otherwise they would be robots. 

What of those who have not heard of Jesus the Christ?

We do not know. But God is merciful so perhaps he shows all the Light of Christ during the transition from this world to the eternal realm. 

Some are so confused by multiple and false doctrines that they reject Christ out of honesty and integrity. What happens to them after physical death?

They are not seeing Christ and so are not rejecting Him. Only if they see Christ and reject Him through pride are they destined for hell. Only God knows the nature of their rejection. This kind of rejection is truly evil.

I  know that my Redeemer Liveth. 

(Job 19:25)

  Our Saviour Indeed

All humankind was saved by the cosmic Christ through His Incarnation and Resurrection. Cadet Knight Roscoe Finley asked me what this meant only yesterday during our second Enlightenment dialogue.

 It is perhaps not surprising that Knights find this so difficult to grasp, given the history of Christianity in recent centuries, which had been  too much about  a reward and punishment system run by God. Little notice had been taken of the Lord's saving words when the angelic host announced to the shepherds on the night after the day  Jesus was born

Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men. 

(Luke 2.14, King James Version)

 This was the start of the revolutionary Good News. God was full of love and good will towards all people on earth. A very different idea from that of the threatening, vengeful god that had prevailed BC and which unfortunately had been partially revived since the Reformation. 

Some post KJV bibles had translated the original Greek to imply that only those favoured by God were wished good will. In fact I remember Paul, my fellow band member in the Baroqo days,  confronting me with one of these translations shortly after I had been blessed with the vision of Our Lord. At the time I didn't know any Greek but did manage to find a scholar who confirmed that the original wording translated literally as

 Glory to God in the highest, on earth peace among men of goodwill
Even the KJV did not get this quite right and typically later translations talked about goodwill being confined to those who God favoured. What in fact the original says is that peace was being granted among all those of goodwill.

Before Christ sacrifice was common world-wide in all religions because it was widely believed that the deity was severe and demanding  and not naturally loving or benevolent. Making offerings and worshiping through elaborate rituals were the only ways to appease the deity. The ancient Egyptians would typically sacrifice over a hundred thousand people as an offering. Through God's providence the Hebrews confined their sacrifice to animals.

So the  true God gave us the gift of Jesus and we must be eternally thankful that he did so.  The Incarnation of the cosmic Christ as Jesus, His three years of good news ministry, His sacrifice and Resurrection were the way God was able to show us that we are loved and that no offerings or elaborate rituals are required. Also, the Resurrection after a painful crucifixion revealed to us that we have Eternal Life and that this was offered  to all regardless of how much we suffered as mortals. The most protracted and severe suffering in worldly life is just a twinkling of an eye in God’s cosmic scheme.

The Cosmic Grandeur Magnifies Us

'When I look at your heavens, the works of your fingers,

the moon and the stars, which you have set in place,

what is man that you are mindful of him,

 and the son of man that you care for him?'

Psalm 8:3-4

All these cosmic sights and the perception of their grandeur make me feel more significant in God's eyes, closer to the Lord.


Because God has made them for me and all my fellow humans. The galaxies, the clusters of galaxies, the black holes, the dark matter, the Milky Way Galaxy, the stars, the sun, the planets, the comets, the moon, the earth and its biosphere. It all belongs to the family of God the Father. The universe becomes like the family home.

Lord, thank you for removing the veil from my eyes. I pray that it may be lifted from those of my non-believing friends, so that their lives may be expanded as their perception widens and deepens.

The Grace of God’s Presence

Lord magnify your grace in me

Draw body and spirit into your divine presence

And set me free

God is Love

'...God is love and whoever lives in love lives in union with God and God lives in union with him.'
(1 John 4: 16)

Why, some Knights ask me, would a loving God threaten us with damnation then suffer to save us? Why could He not  save us without taking human form and suffering? As an Atheist in my days with the band I asked myself the same question and had I not been blessed with the vision from Our Lord I no doubt would continue to have found this a stumbling block.

Damnation, stripped of its medieval connotations and imagery, is an eternal  state of separation from God, a God without whose presence in us we cannot experience Eternal Life, here or after material death. We have to share this godless state with all those who also choose to be separated from God and any awareness of absolute right and wrong. It would, indeed, be hell. As the sin simulation games on Mars, the Confucius and in Shanghai show only too well one minor sin can echo and ripple out over a whole planet - past, present and future. One cannot begin to imagine the horror of a world where everyone sins.

This is quite rational and believable to most. But God cannot be present in us , save us, if we are filled with pride. We have to be emptied of our ego or worldly self so we can receive the Holy Presence of the Lord.

 Through his earthly suffering our Creator was to make it possible for us to believe in His offer of Grace, of unconditional undeserved agape love and to enable us to enter a state of being free from pride so that we could have Eternal Life in and through Him. Empty ourselves of pride while believing in Him and true, agape love flows into our being. Once that happens we have nothing to fear in this life because we have Eternal Life and nothing to fear for all Eternity because we are with the Lord.  It is a matter of entering a new state of being. This is saying in effect that our sins are forgiven and our burden of guilt removed. Many say it is like having a weight lifted from their souls.

This still leaves some of my novices with the problem of how the Incarnation, the suffering, the physical death and the Resurrection of Jesus Christ enables all humans – past, present and future -  to submit to Christ, to be saved from eternal separation from God the Father. They have this problem because they have not been escorted and guided through the New Enlightenment. Often this does not happen until after months or years of active service.

I know it now intuitively and many do from the first call of Jesus Christ, when he knocks on the door; but there remain many who need a logical explanation before they unlock the door to Christ. This is because, increasingly since the Renaissance, humankind has acquired the illusion that all of existence can be accounted for by describing how material things operate. (This is despite the breakthroughs of 20th century quantum physics,  Goedel's Theorem of Undecidability and the manifest truth that  experience is not in any sense describable by scientific models. Cadet Knight Finley, a philosophy graduate, explained this to me, although I'm not sure it is entirely clear to me even now.)

 So I tell them this.

The Holy Spirit is part of God’s saving plan. Throughout history things have had to happen in a planned order, according to a scheme born outside of space and time. This is revealed in the Holy Bible again and again and in the history recorded by humans.  We  have to accept that the Spirit could not enter the world to help it until after God had entered history and been resurrected from death on the Cross. For reasons we cannot expect to understand the Spirit had to be available to help the world believe in and receive the resurrected Lord at a stage in history when the world was ready.

At the same time the entering of God into humanity allowed  us to identify with Him and to see Our Saviour in every man, woman and child. That He suffered as only God could suffer.

Eternal Source of Light Divine

Beyond beginning darkness

Black nothing zero

Source of being


Father, Son, Spirit

Creating cosmos

Casting, pouring, flooding

Love into all Creation

Divine Light from Holy Spirit

Illuminates soul

When pride submits

Drives out darkness

And love permits

Full Circle

Recently I was walking around Grasmere Lake with Sister Agatha.  It was a misty morning and the sun was breaking through as it rose over the fells.  The silence was loud.

She interrupted the quietude, saying something which had never occurred to me, a reflection on humanity’s distant past, when the first people had become aware of the world into which they had been born.  Ten thousand years or more have elapsed since then but now we are in a similar state spiritually. 

This set me meditating in close union with the Lord to guide me towards truth. 

Today we have science and technology. We can observe phenomena at the very edge of the material world, from the nanometric to the cosmic. Early humans could only use their five senses and the mind that God had given them. They could see order and disorder.  The sun, moon, planets and stars traced paths across the sky, night and day followed a cycle, the seasons came and went predictably. The living world was seen to be synchronised to the solar and stellar cycles.

Yet much was unpredictable. Droughts, storms, plagues and earthquakes. Yields from hunting and early agriculture changed unpredictably. Danger from animal attacks was a real threat.  They must have wondered why there was a pattern to some things, like the movement of the moon, but not to others, like storms.  Having the gift of reason they were also aware of cause and effect:  water made plants grow, tools could be made by carving wood or chipping stone and fierce animals appeased by offerings of food.

They would also have felt love, hate, joy, sadness, compassion, lust, fear, dominance and submissiveness and had a sense of justice.  Some would have felt the need to express their experience in art and music. Families were bound by love and there was great sadness at the loss of loved ones, whether through separation or death.

Real but undetectable agents must be behind all these aspects of reality.  They surmised multiple gods, anthropomorphic with distinct personalities. Given the evident struggles and hierarchies in the animal world and those in hunting and fighting groups it seemed natural to conclude that the invisible agents above, around and below them, which directed earthly and celestial events, were also in hierarchies. Given the instincts and attributes of humans it seemed natural to extrapolate to higher beings in conflict, controlling natural events, governing people’s destiny and demanding offerings as payment. 

Where these gods came from or the matter which they fashioned was not considered.  It was assumed that the stuff of the universe was eternal and needed no explanation. Only the Hebrews divined that there was just one God in  whose image both male and female were created and who brought even the stuff of the universe (the heavens and the earth, Genesis 1:1) into existence ex nihilo, thereby foreshadowing the Big Bang cosmology of 3000 years later.

Sister Agatha sees strong similarities with today. I think she is right. Essentially, we recognize that reality in the fullness of Our Lord can only be partially investigated. 

Cadet Knight Roscoe Finley had studied philosophy. He told me about Gödel  in the first half of the 20th century, a philosopher of logic. By a mathematically formulated proof he showed that  every system of logical argument must rest upon an unprovable premise. Prior to my vision of Our Saviour the Lord Jesus Christ I had been a baroque influenced rock musician with Baroqo and so had little knowledge of science.  It is still very limited because the Lord has not imbued me with the mathematical ability needed for a deep understanding of the workings of the subject. 

Nevertheless I have learned that the findings of quantum physics in the 20th century imposed a limit on what could be investigated by empirical or observational science. It has also been established that events beyond the origin of space-time in the Big Bang are outside of logical investigation. Physicists have reached the conclusion that the division between mind and matter is illusory. In fact they are twin aspects of an underlying agency which is neither mind nor matter. It is this which emerged from God at the Creation. (When is someone going to coin a word for this mind-matter substance?)

So Sister Agatha is right. There is an enormous ocean of mystery beyond analysis just as there was in ancient times.  But we agreed there is a difference. Apart from our reasonable belief that there is just one rational God with the attribute of personhood who created space, time and mind-matter we are now assured that love is the essential fountain of creation and that physical existence is but a preparation and refinement for Eternal Life. 

I thank God for manifesting Himself on earth in Christ Jesus and creating the angelic realm so that we humans can understand our true selves and our destiny.  His Grace assures us that whatever befalls us in earthly life we have a realm of infinite love waiting to engulf us. 

Only human pride can stand in the way of this Grace.  A great sin indeed.

World Wide Web

Subtly strong is the love which binds

Together our divergent souls

People and thoughts of diverse kinds

Divide us but the bond still holds

A web of golden thread we spin

As life unfolds and time goes on

Draws us together from within

No force can break the unheard song

Pain and torment strut the world stage

Yet as Christ says in words divine

They can be banished from this age

If all spin webs of love sublime

The Maze of Life

When life turns dark

Fill me with light

Guide me through the maze

Lift me for a moment

High enough by faith

To know there is a centre

 A reason to continue

Life's eternal journey

Inviting God in

Suffuse me with  power

To choose your will

Calm my soul

Make me whole

Flood me with your Holy presence