The Turin Shroud: the evidence mounts
ENCODE turns junk into DNA
Teleportation: science fiction or science fantasy?
Transhumanism: staring into the abyss
Radioactivity half life is not a constant
The deep mystery of existence.6. Water, the elixir of life
 Natural technology: the zinc tipped drill of a wasp
Natural technology: the virus
Natural technology: the bacterium
The domestic dog, our enigmatic friend
Anxiety to the third generation
Weather, biology and nonlocality
Prof Cox's limited world view
The proton size puzzle
The end of eternity
The honeybee: intelligence in a miniature brain
Consciousness without a brain
The fittest survive: but how?
ENCODE turns DNA junk into treasure
Reversing dementia in bees
Body and brain: one system
Microbiology: our changing perception of nature
The coming quantum jump in evolutionary biology
Our precious planet
Eternity and thermodynamics
Infinity, eternity and cosmology
The five-fold threat to science
Birds before dinosaurs, fish before birds?
Intelligence without brains
Intelligent design: fear not
Chimpanzees and a free lunch


ET encounters but no ETs in the universe: resolving the paradox
ET life: what are we looking for?
A universe built for life, but how much life?
ET life should be local
Kepler 22b: how earthlike?
Earth-like planets: is the universe teeming with life?


3D printing of houses
Skylon: a gift to a venture capitalist?
Skylon spaceplane: what is NASA waiting for?
 Robot technology: work for the west, help for all
Songdo: is this the city of the future?
Clothing for a cleaner future
Biomimicry: city design and textile colouring
Interplanetary mining
Destination Phobos
iPad revenue: where does it go?
Bees for peace
Cyber attacks on power grids


Our perception of reality: ancient and modern

The deep mystery of existence.8. Critical mass of the early universe
The deep mystery of existence.7. Ten trillion stars to make you
The deep mystery of existence.6. Water, the elixir of life
The deep mystery of existence.5. Life is from outside of space-time
The deep mystery of existence.4. The cosmic conspiracy
The deep mystery of existence.3. Evolution equals design
The deep mystery of existence.2. Time and spac
The deep mystery of existence.1. Where does reality come from?

Are some scientists from the planet vulcan
Saving democracy
Secularism is dangerous 
Empathy and morality
Ethical banking v ethical banks
Wonders of life: a personal perspective
The end of eternity
Free will rules OK
Humans and the universe
Expecting the unexpected
Are some scientists from the planet Vulcan?
The doctrine of chance
Reweaving the rainbow
Why the future is unpredictable
Fatalism threatens science
Is there meaning behind random events?
Infinity, eternity and cosmology
Hold on to the truth
The five-fold threat to science
Lessons from the Communist Manfesto
Jean-Paul Sartre: not the way to peace on earth
1984 revisited: collective postmodernism
Preaching evil
Cosmological argument for the existence of God
Moral argument for the existence of God
Teleological argument for the existence of God
Ontological argument for the existence of God
More things in heaven and earth
Prof Cox's limited worldview
Friday 3 April 33 AD, 3 pm
Why bite the hand that feeds us?


World debt: getting a grip
China's economy may be faltering
Reforming the world economy
The age of debt: the party's over


USA, Europe and China in 2013
Israel vs Palestine: the struggle for peace
Accounting for truth
China: implosion or explosion?
Wenzchou and Christians in China
Muslim fundamentalist's hatred of the West
Global perspectives on the future
WEIRDs are the root of political correctness
What is happening in Russia?
Egypt, Facebook, football and the Moslem Brotherhood
Egypt and world peace
North Africa and the middle east: what next?
Stop paying for bad news
UK riots and looting: not unrelated
Friday 3 April 33 AD, 3 pm


Story of a canned drink
Waste from the Western world
Arctic warming: not all bad news
Progress towards sustainable fishing
Arctic soot and sea level rise
Cosmc weather and climate change
Climate is changing faster than expected
Declining car use in the West: further evidence


Wanted: water in the right place at the right time
Innovation in caring for the elderly
Trust and social justice
Africa: fighting corruption using the web
Mobilising and kick starting Africa