2077: Knights of Peace

by J.L.Sears


2077: Knights of Peace by J. L. Sears
The Knights of Peace must defeat those inflicting violence on a peaceful society, but their code forbids them from causing personal injury. Their mission is to intercept and destroy all forms of weaponry, explosives, and ammunition worldwide.

As Roscoe Finley joins the Knights and embarks on his first mission he sees how belligerent groups are disabled by destroying their ordnance and arresting the 'dominophiles' who lead them. Sociodynamics, GM bees, spyflies, countenance cognition, martial arts and holographic figures are used in defeating the enemy without inflicting injury. However, Roscoe learns from Father James that spiritual enlightenment is the only way to lasting peace.

Then Roscoe is confronted with a very different kind of conflict, as fellow novice Eric Reed competes for the attention of Isla, an expert in the breaking of quantum codes. The love triangle is broken as a fourth person appears...

Meanwhile, the Servants of the Seven Seals, a religious cult, threatens to bring about its own heretical version of the End Times, and the Knights can't stop it without help from an unlikely agent.

A tale of adventure and romance in a futuristic setting interwoven with spiritual reflection.


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Customer reviews from Amazon UK

I found this book compelling and thought provoking.The author  paints an intriguing picture of a future earth, advanced in technology but still plagued with conflict, and a group of people dedicated to bringing peace.

 Inter-weaved with this is a tale of a young man's struggles growing in friendship, faith and love.
The story challenges us to imagine ways of using technology for good, rather than developing ever 'smarter' weapons, and of bringing peace without resorting to armed conflict. It also points to the value of personal integrity in the search for truth and in dealing with both friend and foe, and asks us to consider the potential for change in even the most destructive of individuals.

A good read for times such as these .

Steve Hardman 

This was a riveting and thought provoking read especially considering the dire times we are living in. The action moves along at great speed. For those who like science fiction the future developments envisaged are intriguing and very plausible. I am as yet not convinced that such peaceable methods of dealing with some of the wickedest people on the planet would be successful but I am still mulling it over. A thoroughly enjoyable and challenging read.

Mike Edwards